Key Priorities:


Economic Development

  • Broaden the tax base

  • Attract new businesses and development opportunities

  • Create distinctive commercial districts

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Stewardship

  • Regionalism, collaboration, and sustainability

  • Government efficiency and modernization

  • Transparency and communication

Retain & Attract Residents

Retain & Attract Residents

  • Build on Shaker’s tradition of an open and welcoming community of engaged, thoughtful and diverse residents

  • Expand quality housing options to meet the needs of all residents – for today and tomorrow

  • Support our schools, parks and leisure activities and recreation programs

  • Exceed expectations for economical, high-quality services

Key Accomplishments to Date:

  • Leading City efforts to complete Phase I of the Van Aken District and laying the groundwork for the start of Phase II.

  • Aggressively pursuing redevelopment of the Lee Road business corridor.

  • Collaborating with the Shaker Schools in the recovery process of Fernway Elementary School.

  • Initiating “Forward Together,” a joint City, Schools and Library task force to develop a comprehensive, long-range community facilities plan.

  • Creating a City budgeting process guided by community priorities, transparency, and inclusiveness.

  • Establishing a risk management committee with community participation.

  • Increased communication and transparency with the Mayor’s Report; expanded community calendar on the City website; and recording of board, commission and committee meetings, which are now posted on the website

  • Encouraged increased resident participation in City boards, commissions and committees.